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Fresh Roasted Coffee (14oz.)
Standing Sun Coffee and Tea

Fresh Roasted Coffee (14oz.)

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Our unique selections of coffee are sold in 14 oz. bags of whole or ground certified organic beans, roasted to order for optimum freshness.

Certified Organic Kona Blend -- This light roast brings together a generous portion of Certified Organic Kona Fancy and estate grown Certified Organic Colombian Supremo for a smooth and rich coffee with mild acidity and sweetness.

Certified Organic Fair Trade Morning Star -- A blend of Indonesian, African and Latin American coffees, the brilliant medium-bodied coffee is sure to awaken both you and your palate. 

Certified Organic Colombian -- With its classic nutty flavor, this Certified Organic medium-bodied washed coffee is long considered the finest Latin coffee available.

Certified Organic Fair Trade SWP Decaf Colombian Supremo -- Organic FT SWP Decaf Colombian Supremo is an exceptional that will leave you saying "I cant believe that was decaf!" The SWISS WATER Process is a 100% chemical free coffee decaffeination process that results in great-tasting decaf. Most other processes use chemical solvents, like methylene chloride, to decaffeinate coffee beans. Conversely, the SWISS WATER Process uses only water when removing caffeine, producing water processed decaf coffee.

Certified Organic Fair Trade Paradiso -- Ideal for any occasion, the blend of our Morning Star & Italian Roast yields a luxurious, deep cup and exotic texture. 

Certified Organic Fair Trade Firehouse Blend -- Dark and velvety, the muscular coffee is not for the timid drinker. Blended from Certified Organic French and Double French Roasts, the coffee packs an unmistakable punch.  

For best flavor, coffee should be stored at room temperature in a dark, airtight container, and preferably used within 2 weeks (ground) or 1 month (whole bean) of opening.

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